Reassign Your Contract

Looking To Reassign Your Contract?

Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to begin the process of reassigning your housing contract to another person.

  1. Locate a potential candidate. You will be responsible for locating the individual with whom you would like to take over your contract.
  2. Fully complete an Assignment Intent Form. The current resident needs to sign this document to get the process started.  To receive this form, contact the leasing office, and one of our managers will be able to generate this document for your online Resident Portal.
  3. Have the incoming resident apply. The individual who is taking over your contract must apply and be approved before your reassignment is completed.
  4. Pay the assignment fee.  The Reassignment fee must be paid when completing your signature on the Assignment Intent Form.  This fee can be paid in the office with a personal check or online through your Resident Portal using one of the approved payment methods.


Once the incoming resident is approved in our system, the following steps will need to be verified before we can facilitate your reassignment:

  1. You must have a current balance of $0.
  2. All forms and fees are submitted and paid.
  3. You must turn in keys and an inspection of your unit completed by our office. Please note, you will need to coordinate with the incoming resident your expected move-out date.  Our office will need 48 hours to process your move-out, which would prevent the incoming resident from moving in any time within the 48-hour window.

New Tenant

Prior to the incoming residents moving in, they will need the following items verified before we can issue keys:

  1. All fees paid, including first installment.
  2. Completed registration of SimpleBills account.
  3. Verified proof of insurance or enrolled in Landmark Liability Insurance.
  4. Acknowledge the 48-hour window before picking up keys.
  5. Must sign “as-is” agreement in resident portal.
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